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Other storytelling initiatives that inspire global solidarity

Our initiative doesn't stand alone in spreading stories in times of Coronavirus. Since the virus outbreak, a growing number of storytelling initiatives have sprouted across the world.  We want to acknowledge other projects and initiatives that share our mission of inspiring global solidarity through storytelling. Click on the initiative's name to visit their website.

Do you know of a storytelling initiative that is still missing in this list? Let us know in an email


“unCoVer” is dedicated to uncovering narratives, opinions and equity issues during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Established in February 2020, unCoVer has moved beyond translation of personal narratives alone to hosting original essays, interviews, and a podcast. Committed to documenting and examining the social issues revealed by the outbreak as well as its impact, unCoVer aims to promote awareness, equity and solidarity.

GSubstoriesnotvirus.jpg.001 - Garima Rag

Garima Raghuvanshy started a series wherein she shares one summary a day of conversations she has with different people across India regarding the pandemic, the lockdown, and how it has affected them. She they will contribute to the widespread effort of bringing to each other stories and perspectives beyond our own, which, when taken together, give us a sense of what is going on outside the confines of where we are quarantined.

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 18.01.35.png

With this project, a team of volunteer intends to properly document the virus and spread in Nigeria while providing proper context. The initiators want this project to exist as a comprehensive and concise journal that documents and argues about the pandemic and spread in Nigeria. They hope it will become a policy tool and educational resource to better understand pandemics in Nigeria. But, also, how the health sector can be reprogrammed to better serve Nigerians. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-27 at

Have you noticed that during the Coronavirus quarantine a lot is happening around us? There are people who draw, touch, write. People who sing from a balcony or others who remain silent, listening to their hearts. "Irá todo bien", Everything will go well, is a podcast by Simone Firmani, an Italian living in Valencia. His podcast collects all these simple stories, covering these "slightly crazy times": times where loneliness becomes creativity. 

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 18.10.38.png

The 'My City in Lockdown' YouTube series sheds light on the current global and local situation in the Coronavirus crisis across various cities around the globe. The series are an initiative by A City Made By People, an international network of city enthusiasts, collaborating and celebrating liveability in cities. Through engaging content and local programming (events + activities), it’s their mission to enable meaningful connections so we can create a more liveable city together.

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 13.40.58.png

All developed in the space of just two days, and “intensively and remotely” over WhatsApp and email, the project Stay Sane Stay Safe has quickly unfolded, with designers now sending in their own submissions of posters daily. The Netherlands-based initiative will then place these designs into handily downloadable folders, including an Instagrammable version or a PDF version to be printed and displayed, all for free too. Check thousands of posters on their website. 

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