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Tehran: Quarantine kitchen

Iranians share recipes, flavors and joy, despite the threat of Corona.

In Tehran, people are currently rediscovering traditional cooking traditions. The Persian cuisine is very gastronomic and each region has its own diverse dishes: different types of rice, stew, soup, each need ingredients prepared and cooked for a long time so that the taste is at its best.

A variety of Iranian dishes. Photos by Aroosha Ebrahim

Now, under lockdown, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, are cooking more complicated dishes. The good thing is that currently many families who hardly sat at the table together because everyone had different schedules now are together and enjoy the time. They profit by cooperating and trying harder and more time-consuming recipes to bring various gastronomic delights to their tables. They share their recipes or tips over the phone, and sharing a photo of the delicious dish on Instagram can add another level of joy.

Homemade bread and photo by Elham Adf

For some others, cooking (or making) up a cake recipe at home for a birthday is quite encouraging. Sporty types add delight to their table by preparing low-carb, healthy foods just looking like diet page photos.

Bread and confectionery is an indispensable part of Iranian food chart, and many families are becoming self-sufficient in baking it at the moment.

Shirini Nokhodchi (roasted chickpea cookies). Recipe and pictures by Maryam Yadranji

This story was shared by Fariba Mir and Ajam Media Collective, where many more recipes and stories are being shared, including Alex Shams' article on Tehran-based artist Golrokh Nafisi and her illustration series 'Quarantine Kitchen'.

How do you experience living in your city under Coronavirus? Share your story and join us to Spread stories, not the virus.

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