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Minneapolis: Free the cats

In Minneapolis, a classic North American city with your CBD, rings of decreasing density, and miles of single family homes, closeness to others is much harder to come by.

We have to really belt out hits for neighbors to hear us and sing along unlike in Italian or Spanish cities. Out here in the sticks, isolation is relieved with a brief wave to a neighbor down the block or a stroll by someone and their dog in a nearby park.

Photo by Daniel

As restrictions continue to increase and being homebound for weeks or months becomes an increasing reality, I turn to the internet’s most popular and beloved superstar: cats! I fortunately have two cats who see their (not so vast) space with an adeptness and curiosity not unlike the urban explorers among us. Whether it is the great skyscrapers cabinets of the living room or the sink side viewing platform, our cats are finding a way to stay curious, explore their environment, and get in a good nap while doing it.

Photo by Daniel

I am trying to follow their lead, stay sane, and remain curious about my interior habitat. If you lack the real furry things, the internet is your friend. Good luck, everyone!

This story was shared by Daniel, an American urbanist living in Minneapolis, United States.

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