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Hanne Kah are a 4-piece folk pop band from Germany, who would normally be touring across Europe and beyond playing live concerts; but currently all in quarantine, not allowed to play any shows, watching beautiful cultural events being cancelled, they decided to find another way to get their music and that of their artist-friends around the world into people's living rooms: Culture-Y.

We are Hanne Kah, a folk pop band from Germany, that is affected (just like every other band in the world right now) by the consequences from Covid-19 and the global shut down. Normally we play live concerts all the time - that's pretty much all we do around the year, not only as our job, but also as our passion.

Picture by Hanne Kah

We have been in the current line-up for several years and have weathered many ups and downs together. In difficult times we learned how important it is to stand together and for one another. No matter what it is, what matters is the common ground.

As a band, we have repeatedly committed to various movements and initiatives (e.g. Fridays For Future) in order to fulfill our role as musicians and ambassadors in an accepting and critical stance. We find it particularly exciting how wonderful it is that the current zeitgeist gives us freedoms that generations before us did not have. For us, society is not static, but fluid. In exchange with all generations and experiencing music together, we experience community and learn from each other.

Picture by Hanne Kah

When all our summer concerts were cancelled, we decided not to stagnate. We wanted to do something for the cultural scene in our area but also for national and international artists. Now, at a time when we face restrictions in everyday life, we feel all the more that cohesion is the most important formula for living together. So we decided to find a way to show-off all the wonderful actions and projects that are impressing and motivating people across generations...

Graphic by Hanne Kah

That's why we founded Culture-Y: a platform that is supposed to bring culture into people's living rooms. This is our reaction to Corona, so to speak! We collect contributions from all kinds of cultural workers and make them available there: there are live streams, there are small video casts where we talk to cultural workers about their activities and much more.

We have already received many entries and are also recording some features with different artists. It's great fun and shows how close we humans are to each other, no matter who we are or where we come from.

Hanne Kah (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) are a 4-piece folk pop band based in Mainz, Germany. They are the founder-curators of Culture-Y, which can be found online in many formats.

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