Lahore: Absence of humans is presence of nature

Through his window onto the skies over Lahore, Pakistan, Zain ul Abidin feels wonder at the resurgence of nature into the space vacated by humans. His artwork, here, captures the hope it inspires.

Its 6:00 am, don't know what day of quarantine it is. I lie on my bed staring at the window, which is right next to it. My cell phone vibrates continuously but I am unable to check it, as I am enjoying the breathless view outside the window.

I see different kinds of rare birds that are not frequently seen in our town. They are chirping and flying without the fear of being caught. It’s delightful how they spread their wings; flying from one tree to another; sit for a while and then fly off again. Trees are swaying with the rhythm of wind as heavy clouds take over and rain begins to fall. Slowly, after the downpour ends, the sky becomes clearer than ever. As the pollution of the city is suspended, the environment seems renewed and fresh, conveying peacefulness.

It surprises me how Lahore, where I live, has recovered. My soul feels serenity and my heart invites me to cherish this moment. My art depicts the step by step replacement of artificial structures as Mother Nature advances.

Life of Quarantined Cities - Artwork by Zain ul Abidin

This story was shared by Zain ul Abidin, visual artist and student of architecture from Lahore, Pakistan.

How do you experience living in your city under Coronavirus? Share your story and join us to Spread stories, not the virus.

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