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Innsbruck: Close to the epicentre

Innsbruck's panic levels can be easily pictured through the following image: a guy wearing a mask gas goes into a supermarket, placing on the counter endless rows of canned food and packs of toilet paper, writes Angela from Innsbruck, Austria.

Picture by Angela Mădălina Feraru

Did I just describe every other individual in Europe at the moment? Fortunately, this is not any exception in Innsbruck. It is true: being so close to the epicenter of the virus in Europe (Northern Italy), Innsbruck and Tyrol, in general, are the most affected areas out of the whole Austrian territory.

With cultural and educational institutions closed until mid-April, content delivery is taking innovative shapes, being consumed online. It appears that people are taking a break from their usual busy lives and get to read what's on their shelves.

This story originally appeared online at A City Made By People, an international network of 20+ cities and local communities of citizens who like to celebrate liveability, and a partner of #spreadstoriesnotthevirus. The story was written by Angela Mădălina Feraru, city captain for Innsbruck.

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