H.U.G. - a Highly Underestimated Gesture

- Chicken or pasta?


- Chicken or pasta?

That is the moment I realize I am on my way home. So, the first decision I can make is between chicken and pasta. It's been already a couple of days since making a decision was up to me. No-one asked me when the universities of Madrid were closed, no one asked me when the shops were closed, no one asked me when I could no longer meet my friends, and, for sure no one asked me when my flight tickets were cancelled 4 times in 2 days. Although am not a huge fan of making decisions, I like to be asked.

Photo by Gvantsa Chubinidze

Never mind, not every day does life go the way you expect. Here I am, somewhere above Hungary, maybe. I don’t mind being anywhere as long as I know my final destination. Georgia is my final destination, Georgia the country, not the state. I highly doubt you would think about USA, Trump is not really welcoming currently. So, on my way home. I feel a bit wicked. Damaged. Isolated. COVID-19? Nah, feeling quite healthy... I feel alone. It's been 35 hours since the last time I hugged. It's been 35 hours since the last time I was hugged. Have you ever thought, what your life would be like without hugs? Well, this is the moment we can both observe.

Let's take a look. You are hugged the very first moment you are born. You are hugged when being fed. You are hugged when leaving for school. You are hugged by people you might call friends soon and maybe for the rest of your life. You are hugged when leaving for college. While coming back home from work, tired from your boss, sometimes turning into a real asshole. You are hugged by tiny creatures, who make sure to always eat whatever you prepare, 'cause grandparents prepare the best food. You are hugged and you hug your whole life, if you are lucky enough. 'Cause more than words, this small gesture speaks.

There are no hugs anymore. We scare each other, or maybe we care so much about each other. Anyway, we are doing whatever is best to help ourselves and others. But still, there are no more hugs.

Photo by Gvantsa Chubinidze

The world has faced so much. Who would dare to count amount of wars, disasters, so much anger and jealousy, conflicts between different continents, republics, cities, districts, residential buildings? A full cast of crisis, epidemics, accidents. This all just began when humanity was introduced to the Earth and never stopped; however we were never forbidden to comfort each other, exchange some warmth and love. Despite the war outside the window, we could still hug each other inside. So sad that we are facing such a cruel, unfair reality. Such a shame, I only now start to realize how much I need a hug. So sad that I need it so much, but I know I wont get it any time soon.

You are not gonna get it either. We should both wait, and make sure this highly underestimated gesture is not gonna put any of us in danger. We both lived our life as if golden, thinking we would always have it, the possibility to hug anytime we felt like it. But then this happens and you realize you took it for granted. We took it for granted. I'm flying home, knowing that a 2 week long quarantine is awaiting me. And that's completely fine, that's how it's supposed to be. All sides should sacrifice for the sake of common well-being! It's gonna be so strange and painful, knowing I wont get any hugs tomorrow, after 56 or 226 hours. However, once everything goes back to normal, I promise to give you the warmest hug we have both waited for!

- Frau! Chicken or pasta?

- Pasta, please. Pasta sounds all right.

And here we are, finally I managed to make the decision, only after realizing the pricelessness of the hug.

Gvantsa Chubinidze is a Georgian student of Urban Studies, currently back in Tblisi, in official quarantine.

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