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Delhi: Planning a holiday house during an unplanned holiday

Indian architects Garima Mittal and Sahil Devraj have been inspired by the richer and more immediate connection to nature that lockdown has brought into even the centres of our biggest cities. Designing interiors, windows and gardens through which to be immersed in its beauty has fostered new dreams and skills in their team at Anvaya Architects. Garima tells their story.

Lives are not the same as they were before. It seems that everything has stopped suddenly as if someone might have simply pressed the pause button on our lives! The Pandemic has definitely disturbed livelihoods yet globally it has given peace and beauty to our environment.

One day, I was sitting near my window and peeping out to simply engage myself with the world outside: the nature outside, which now I can perceive in its very original form, away from the huzzle-buzzle of the city life, despite staying in the city center.

Such a peaceful environment and the beauty of nature inclined me to begin imagining my holiday house. I began dreaming of my house away from city life, with nature all around, and with each and every space designed specifically as per my hobbies like reading, cooking etc.

Design and visualisations by Anvaya Architects

This Virus has definitely brought lots of losses to people and their livelihoods but talking about the positive sides, I believe, it has given people time for themselves, to find an artist inside them; brought families closer to each other that were lost in this digital world; and globally the environment has changed and become much more beautiful and mesmerizing.

This story was shared by Garima Mittal and Sahil Devraj, self-employed architects from Delhi, currently designing, planning and dreaming a start-up architecture firm, Anvaya Architects, in her home city.

How do you experience living in your city under Coronavirus? Share your story and join us to Spread stories, not the virus.

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