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Brussels: Photo-essay - A late night stroll

As Bea has been experiencing an ocean of uncertainty lately, she decided to go for a late night stroll in Brussels. She took her camera with her and captured its streets in their current abandoned state: "I couldn’t help but feeling a voyeur, but this finally gave me some relief".

Photography has always been my greatest passion. However, it follows moments of great productivity and phases of total void.

I haven’t been shooting pictures for a long time and this strange and decisive moment we’re currently facing triggered something. After experiencing, as everyone else, the ocean of uncertainty, and the dilemmas about the future I decided to take a walk.

Strolling around,  I usually take a peek through the windows to see what’s behind, to check how people live, following an almost obsessive curiosity. Now that everyone’s in confinement, Windows are even more important. These small sacred gates between public and private became more animated and intimate than ever.

I couldn’t help but feeling a voyeur, but this finally gave me some relief.

A late night stroll in Brussels - all pictures were taken by Bea Bellavia.

This story was shared by Bea Bellavia, who is an Italian student of Urban Studies from Italy, currently living in Brussels.

How do you experience living in your city under Coronavirus? Share your story and join us to Spread stories, not the virus.

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