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Artists around the world are deprived by pandemic restriction of the collaboration and encounters that fuel their work; but creative spirits are undimmed by change, of course - merely reorientated. In Berlin isolation, performance artist Nikos found inspiration and insight in the interior...

My name is Nikos. I am a dance performer and visual artist living and working in Berlin. Due to the limitations of the pandemic, theatres are all closed and performances got cancelled. Performing artists remain at home finding new ways and methods of artistic work.

Interior is a creation that was made during the restrictions in April 2020. It focuses on the general topic of presence and absence in space. Insights of an interior are observed and different actions and activities take place during an extraordinary period of limited communication. It is not a chronicle about the quarantine, though I believe it is a good time to show it online.

It has been made in three weeks, working with minimal equipment and without funding. For the filming I used one camera and a tripod.

Interior (2020) by Nikos Fragkou

Interior is taking part in film festivals this year, and so is not currently free to view online, however this trailer gives a taste of the film. The film and trailer are ©2020 Nikos Fragkou.

This story was shared by Nikos Fragkou, a dancer, performer and visual artist, born in the Greek city of Veroia, raised and now resident in Berlin. His website is:

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