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Amsterdam: Contain the pan(dem)ic!

After some time of hesitation, the Netherlands has also implemented some more serious measures on the virus.

The closing of shops, offices and schools resulted in lots of people rushing to the supermarkets (because, what else is there to do?), hoarding or 'hamstering' all canned foods, fresh produce and of course, toilet paper. While lots of people were panicking and freaking out, me and my friends dealt with these incidents in a more sarcastic and comic way.

Photo by Ellen Thewessen

By sending stickers and memes on Whatsapp, tagging each other in funny posts on Facebook and reading satirical articles written by 'De Speld' (in Dutch) that spread even faster than the virus itself, I spent my last few days in quarantine laughing and smiling.

“Not sure what to do with all the toilet paper you hoarded, or are you scared of starving? They provide you with seven delicious recipes with toilet paper.”

Even though social distancing is recommended, one could rather speak of social connectedness. Many ideas to spend your time at home were thought of, in a positive way. You could read books, clean and tidy your house, play games and watch the tv shows you usually never had the time for.. Or you could even hang out with all your friends via (video)calling and organise an online dance party!

Well, after finishing the work you need to do in the first place. Anyway, you can experience this film-like situation in the way you choose to experience it and you should not worry about getting bored. Why not look at the bright side instead? :)

This story was shared by Ellen Thewessen, a student in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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