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Aalborg: 70 rooms - bonding in a student community

It's a strange kind of isolation that confines you to a household of 70 rooms, shared with dozens of others; but from her student dormitory in Aalborg, Denmark, Paulina Ocampo knows she's lucky and feels the power of community working through these difficult times.

After a long, cold and dark winter, sun is finally shining in the north of Denmark. As spring came and flowers were flourishing again, the lock down got us all.

Photo by Paulina Ocampo

Living in a dorm during the quarantine feels like home to me as never before. 70 rooms, more than 50 percent occupied. Not everyone stayed: the locals quickly returned to their homes when this had just started.

We were made fun of because of the risk of getting infected due to the closeness of our daily living. What at first felt like fear and panic in our common shared opinions, then turned into a bonding community. We are privileged, we know that full well. Having people to talk to, eat with, open spaces to play or take the sun in. We’ve been cautious, yet we are connecting as never before.

Painting workshops, volleyball games, bonfires and music: pure HYGGE. It feels like a safe heaven in the middle of the global chaos. Finding beauty in everyday life, letting this light shape us, to come out stronger from this situation.

This story was shared by Paulina Ocampo, a Mexican master degree student in Cities and Sustainability, who is living in Aalborg, Denmark.

How do you experience living in your city under Coronavirus? Share your story and join us to Spread stories, not the virus.

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