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A wish, from Rotterdam

Waking up to the phone calls from her parents far away, Indian student Nehmat sends a wish from Rotterdam - the city where she is currently studying.

Rotterdam's skyline. Photo by Job Zomerplaag

Sitting on my study table, sipping tea and browsing through the news,

Staring at the rays of the sun on the glass building, on the other side of the road,

(The road which once remained busy for hours during the day)

In between, distracted by the motion of vehicles; with empty buses and a few cars.

Hoping the pandemic ends soon.

Rewinding my mind three days back,

When all I did was marked my calendar looking at the weather

About all the wonderful day trips I would go for,

Whether it was just about sitting in a cakery or cycling through the city.

Waking up to the phone calls from my parents, far away,

Worried, helpless, and making me feel loved,

To wishing them goodnight;

Whilst trying my best to sound bold.

Not knowing till when this will last,

I would do some of my favourite indoor hobbies,

Listening to birds’ chirp and the sound of the wind blow,

Along with the studies that I can’t ignore.

I would say it aloud while I type it,

For I only wish this for everyone now;


This story was shared by Nehmat Singh, an Indian student of Urban Management and Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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