Our initiative featured in media around the world

Not only our stories are spreading across the globe, our initiative has received media attention and endorsements as well.  We have selected a number of publications and listed them below. 

If you are a journalist or media professional who would be interested in covering our initiative, please get in touch with us. Our multilingual team is available for interviews and can introduce you to our international body of contributors. Contact us at spreadstoriesnotthevirus [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Publications and appearances in English​

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BBC World, Global News Podcast

A storytelling platform collects stories from locked-down cities around the world 

Are We Europe

A new corona-themed platform is growing rapidly by letting people share their experiences in lockdown

The Bulletin, Belgium's major English news outlet

Better together: How you can make a difference during the coronavirus crisis. Listed among initiatives

NYU Shanghai Blog

Sharing Stories, Sharing Hope: NYU Shanghai Community Creates Spaces for Solidarity

VUB Today, Magazine of Vrije Universiteit  Brussel

Students of the VUB master’s programme 4CITIES collect lockdown stories from the whole world

Field Notes, 4CITIES Blog

A collection of stories of solidarity and hope that show the human side of the cities we live in

Coping with Covid by Are We Europe

How journalism should cope with Coronavirus, reflection by Job Zomerplaag 

We Love Brussels, Inspiration Bureau

Cities under Covid-19: VUB students collect lockdown stories from the whole world

Publications and appearances in other languages​

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Riff Reporter (German)

Konstruktive Lösungsansätze im Umgang mit der Corona-Krise

BRUZZ, Brussels Public Radio (Dutch)

Radio interview met Job Zomerplaag over het studenteninitiatief dat lockdown-verhalen verzamelt 

Modena Today (Italian)

Storie antivirus, il racconto di un' ostetrica del Policlinico di Modena

Gazete Kadiköy (Turkish)

Karantinanin bireysel hikayeleri

Blog of Université Libre de Bruxelles (French)

Une initiative qui vise à documenter comment les citoyens du monde entier trouvent des moyens uniques et alternatifs de s'épanouir dans leurs villes au temps du coronavirus.

Programa Vecinos en Radio Actual 107.1 FM (Spanish)

Interview with Alejandra Rivera broadcasted on a Costa Rican radio station

Tribuna, Magazine of Complutense University Madrid (Spanish)

Seleccionadas las 15 primeras iniciativas de estudiantes contra el COVID-19 que va a apoyar la Cátedra de Emprendimiento Social UCM-Santander

"Irá todo bien" Podcast by Simone Firmani (Spanish)

¡Difunde historias, no el virus! 

ZG-Kult (Croatian)

Širite priče, a ne virus!