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We'd love to receive your story, wherever you are in the world. Spread stories, not the virus is a completely open project that is only possible thanks to the wonderful contributions of citizens across dozens of countries. We have already published 165+ stories, and we're looking forward to add yours to our growing global collection. Please note that we no longer publish new stories on our platform. 


You can send us your story: whether this is a short text, an essay, a photo (series), a drawing, a video or anything else you can think of. Submit your contribution through this form or send us an email (spreadstoriesnotthevirus [at] gmail [dot] com). When you submit a story, we hope you can include a scenic picture for publication. 


In the stories we publish, people share their personal experiences and reflections of living in cities under Coronavirus. How is your daily life affected by the current situation? In what ways have you started to experience and/or perceive your home, street, neighbourhood or city since/during the Coronavirus outbreak? What can we learn from these experiences to improve (life in) our cities? How do you imagine a post-Corona society and city? 

We welcome contributions written in any language. If you would like to submit a story written in Spanish, please do so through the form on Transmite historias, no el virus


Our team proofreads and revises all contributions before publication. When we revise submissions, we aim to stay as close as possible to the story as intended by the author and only edit to improve its readability.

We aim to share your story as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

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